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Skeleton General

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During the Wu and Zhou Dynasties, the governor of Yuzhou arranged a ghost marriage for his son who died prematurely.

Unexpectedly, the young bride’s body suddenly changed into a white bone skeleton, and the killings were all turned into white bones, leaving only the tragic scene.

The next sentence “empress Wu died, Li Tangxing”. Empress Wu was furious and ordered Yu Chiqing, a master of personal beauty, to assist Di Renjie in supervising the case.

Di Renjie directed his suspicions at Li Zhen, the descendant of the Li family, Yue King Li Zhen, but was attacked by a skeleton.

The case is full of fog, can Di Renjie see the sun and find out who is behind the scenes?

  • Genre: Horror, Action, Mystery
  • Stars: He Gang/ Cen Ming/ Gu Zhiyun/ Gao Zigang
  • Runtime: 77mins

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