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Open The Coffin

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The “Ghost Hands” and their tomb robbers who disappeared for three years have reappeared in Jiangcheng, and once again they are embarrassed to touch the tomb and find gold.

Unexpectedly, four tomb robbers were shocked when they opened the coffin, and after escaping from the tomb, they died one after another at home.

The “corpse poison” in the ancient tomb and the soul-splitting pinhole on the Yintang of the Palace of Life became the only clues left to the police, Shen Chunhe. The seemingly ordinary tomb robbery case is instantly confusing and suspicious.

Did the four of them rob too many tombs and die, or were they deliberately murdered by someone who changed their lives and turned ill as indicated by the needle of the soul? The mysterious identity of the “ghost hand” of the tomb-robbing palm-eye has led to an old police murder case.

Shen Chun teamed up with the forensic doctor Han Bing to dissect the corpse, go to the tomb to get the poison from the corpse, break sorceries in the coffin shop, and hunt down the real culprit in the paper tie shop.

  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Stars: Han Dong / Jiang Chao / Wang Zhen
  • Runtime: 92mins

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