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Di Renjie

Download Di Renjie The Soul Crushing Nightmare Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

There have been strange cases in Chang’an City. There are six characters written in blood at the scene of the crime: “After the instrument is abolished, a new emperor will be established.” For a while, rumors spread, and the people in the court were panicked.

To stabilize the state of the common people, Wu Zetian assigned the Dali temple minister Di Renjie to investigate the murder case within five days. The eunuch Song Yi assigned Liu Yiyi from Shenyu Mansion to come to assist.

The two sides fought against each other in order to take the lead in catching the real murderer, but they were frequently blocked in the process of investigating the case.

Tongtian, the mysterious masked man and the Nanjiang dancer are scheming, Di Renjie and his party’s investigation road is getting more and more bumpy, the five-day deadline is approaching, can Di Renjie find out the real culprit behind it?

  • Genre: Action, Suspense
  • Stars: He Gang / Zhang Jialin / Zhu Jiaxi
  • Runtime: 77mins

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