How To Download Movies On

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If you are finding it hard to download on, watch the video below;

Can’t watch video? Follow this steps:

After getting to the movie or series page you want to download, click the DOWNLOAD button or text.


An ad will pop up, just close the tab and you’ll be returned to the page where you want to download, click the download button again, the link will open in a new tab, don’t close it immediately, wait for it to load, that’s your download page and if it isn’t, close the tab and click the download button again.

Do the same when you get to NP-Downloader and your download will start immediately or redirect you to the final page to download your desired movie or series. Easy peasy!

PS: Don’t be quick to close tabs, wait for the page to load, sometimes it might be the download page.

PSS: We use these ads to keep to maintain the website servers and all, please bear with us!