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Under The Tower

Download Di Renjie: Under The Tower Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

A bizarre serial murder case shrouded the city of Luoyang in a terrifying atmosphere. Eunuch Liu was entrusted with a heavy responsibility to investigate the case. As a result, the case not only did not progress at all, but intensified like a butterfly effect, just when nothing could be done.

Everyone thought of Di Renjie who was locked in the prison. Di Renjie was ordered in danger and came forward under coercion and inducement. The truth was not so simple in his opinion. The secret behind the truth was the key to all conspiracies.

Di Renjie began to assist Eunuch Cui in conducting unannounced investigations. At first, he only made suggestions in the sky prison. With the occurrence of unsolved cases one after another, Di Renjie did not hesitate to take risks and go out to inspect the prison.

The doubts of the case slowly came to light. Di Renjie discovered that there seemed to be a conspiracy to subvert Li Tang behind the case. Will the crisis be resolved in the end?

  • Genre: Action, Crime
  • Stars: Shan Mingkai / Xu Dongdong / Nan Chuer
  • Runtime: 88mins

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