The Ghost Outlaws (Chinese) [Action]

The Ghost Outlaws

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Ye Qihui, the captain of the anti-drug brigade in Nanqing City, received a tip from an undercover police officer that the city’s largest drug gang, the “Ghost” organization, was going to dump its inventory and fled overseas.

Ye Qihui urgently deployed an arrest operation, never thinking that everything was actually a fake transaction arranged by the “ghost” organization to investigate undercover agents.

The arrest operation failed, several police officers died, and the undercover Zhou Hong was also in danger. Through careful investigation, Ye Qihui concluded that the masterminds behind the “Ghost” organization were the blind girl Lin Ying and her twin sister Lin Hui.

Ye Qihui issued a military order and closed the net three days later, vowing to wipe out the “Ghost” organization and Baqing in one go.

  • Genre: Action, Crime
  • Stars: Wang Fang / Peng Bo / Ganlu / Wang Yunfan
  • Runtime: 77mins

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