The Legend Of Hammer (Chinese) [Action]

The Legend Of Hammer

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In the distant future, the earth’s core began to melt due to the impact of solar storms, and then global volcanoes erupted. In order to survive, various forces headed by Daoba and Medusa are vying for survival resources and constantly waging wars.

Cui Fulai, a villager in Bagou Village, is forced to be involved in the struggle between the two sides because of the appearance of alien energy.

His wife and children were hurt, and Cui Fulai finally awakened the alien energy in his body. Can he defeat the evil forces and protect the local peace?

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Sci-Fi
  • Stars: Wang Wei / Gong Yuefei / Shu Yang
  • Runtime: 76mins

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  1. I do download Chinese movies frm this site all the Chinese movies don’t have can I get the subtitles pls help I like ur site

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