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The Legend Returns 2 – Latest Chinese Movie 2021 (Action)

The Legend Returns

Download The Legend Returns 2 Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

In the early years of the Republic of China, Jiu Shu took two apprentices to practice medicine, but he was involved in a strange murder case. A hundred-year-old blood coffin that sank into the Yellow River appeared on the shore. The leader of Greedy Brigade of Jixiang Town was greedy and lustful.

For his own selfish desire, he did not listen to the villagers’ persuasion to open the blood coffin without permission, and the cat suddenly stiffened out of the coffin, and the corpse was a piece of corpse. Fortunately, the master and apprentice of Uncle Jiu arrived in time and temporarily controlled the cat to be stiff.

Master Jiuyu escorted the blood coffin overnight in the rain, overnight in the inn, the strange shopkeeper husband and wife, concealed a fierce spirit, and a murderous intent ahead. The town is full of dangers. How many unknown conspiracies are hidden in Jixiang Town? A battle between good and evil is about to happen.

  • Title: The Legend Returns 2
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy
  • Stars: Ge Shuai/ Fan Xu/ Xinxing, Dong
  • Source: Penguin Cinema
  • Runtime: 83mins

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