Battlefield: Fall Of The World (Chinese) [Action]

Battlefield Fall Of The World

The Earth Defense Force counters the alien invasion!

Aliens invaded the earth and completely fell, and the former homeland became a purgatory on earth. In order to resist the invasion of monsters, the joint guards of various countries put life and death aside.

Cheng Ling, who was struggling to survive in the ruins of the apocalypse, was attacked by alien hellhounds and met Zhu Rong’s team.

With the help of Gao Ren and others, Cheng Ling was inspired by the spirit and resolutely accepted the task in an attempt to destroy the alien conspiracy. Find new hope for the survival of human civilization.

Along the way, everyone was besieged by predators, pursued by Cerberus, and met Dr. Doji Pam, who mastered the technology of restraining alien Cerberus.

When everyone arrived at the resistance stronghold, they found that the so-called resistance stronghold was just a trap set by the Cerberus hunters, and the real danger had just begun…

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, War
  • Stars: Sheva / Steven / Steve / Liu Jianwei
  • Runtime: 101mins

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