[Poems] Etz Kolagold – CHARACTER

Etz kolagold has moved on to produce his first single poem after the official starting poem known as “OBSTACLES”.

He really went on to produce an amazing poem titled “CHARACTER” with the writer elaborating and picking out the characters, the people of nowadays has. Read this poem and you’ll love it!!!


It is what you are
It is who you are
Between the dark and dawn
Between the rise and fall

It is what you do
It defines you!
Between the dark and night
Between the day and night

When you are just you
It tells the difference
Also measures the lenience
And in what you do!

There is nothing in between
It is either the good or the bad
Which are you?
It is either now or later

Which are you?
The good or the bad (the humble or the proud)
The dark or the light (a liar or an honest one)
But it is best if it is true!

Define yourself !
Be well developed like that of a shelf
Don’t let anyone else look
And never dirty yourself – be like a mirror to others!

Be! who you will
And do the best you can
Be the pious and righteous
And never the dangerous one

Think of these wonders
For Nature hath made them so
You will not understand
Who teaches the bird to Sing!

If you need something badly
You pursue it madly
The best discovery one can make is self discovery
And it is a very nice and astonishing recovery

Don’t seek to be known
Seek to know
Don’t work to be paid
Work to be made

If you are spending today
Be careful and do not spend your tomorrow today!
People get to know you with what you do – whatever you do, people will get to know you!
Ka ro di mo asho, Ka ro asho mo di, ki idi Sha ti bo!

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