[Poems] Etz kolagold – OBSTACLES

Famakin Abdulmujib Kola popularly known as Etz kolagold produces an underwhelming mind-blowing poem under the label “ETZ PHARMMUJ DIANA SUNBAE EMPIRE POETIC WORLD”.

The poet is really awesome with his first poem………giving his best to honestly giving some high notes on this.

The first official poem to be released by the writer, he has done his best to make it the first among the rest while bringing out it’s best quality and good vibes!!!


I’m who I’m
You’re who you’re
If I start to become you,
I might fall and crumble

But I’ll whisper to your ears
Only my pains and tears
Because the sun rises and shines
And light sparkles and ignites

The love of yours
I can’t explain
Well, the gaze of mine
You can’t deny

Your love kills and heals
Just like a lifetime fast and fury
To you, it doesn’t matter
But it really matters so much

Once it’s started
It’s bound to finish
As far as there’s also a beginning
There’s an end

I don’t know how else to live
Or even do I know how to leave
But either I’ll live or leave
I just want to do it all with you

Sure, you wanted a handsome
But you met an awesome
And I’ll be there with you
As long as it is for you, yea, it’s cool

As you see the light
It tells about the heart
The shades don’t matter
Because red is loving

Whenever I hold your hand
You seem to fear
Don’t you ever worry?
If and only if you could let your fears be mine

For you, I won’t go to Australia
Not even Jamaica or America
Because you’re my wonderful Diva
And a mama Africa!!!

You’re also beneficial and crucial
I’m your Anthony martial
You’ll be my own potential
And an only trial

My love is real
Let’s struck a deal
And I’ll buy a meal
Just like zeal

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