GUI Loong (Chinese) [Action]

GUI loong

Zhong Kui summons the dragon to fight the monsters

It tells the story of Zhong Kui’s journey to reshape his golden body when he came to the world to maintain the peace of the Three Realms and separated his Yuanshen magic weapon in the battle with the Tiger King.

When Zhong Kui came to Longmen Town, he met Fannv, a demon hunter who admired him. He also met Tang Sancai, a village youth who was hanging around, and Princess Jiaolong, who was seeking revenge for his father and revitalizing the ethnic group.

Tiger King, the king of all demons, staged a passionate and inspirational story of the ultimate decisive battle. Starring: Li Zhenan / Lu Xi / Zhang Jingru and many others.

  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Costume
  • Stars: Li Zhenan / Lu Xi / Zhang Jingru
  • Runtime: 72mins

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