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Monkey King Wushuang

Download Monkey King Wushuang Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

After Sun Wukong made trouble in the Heavenly Palace, he was crushed by the Tathagata under the Wuzhi Mountain. 500 years later, Tang Sanzang rescued Monkey King and accompanied Tang Seng to learn the scriptures.

The master and apprentice came to a village where the villagers were all monsters, so they punished the monsters. Tang Seng felt the need to influence monsters with love. So Tang Seng chanted the Tightening Curse to make Monkey King anguish.

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At this time, the purple gold demon hiding in the dark magically transformed into Tang Seng’s appearance, forcing Tang Seng’s real body away. Before Tang Seng’s real body left, he took away the robes and waited for Monkey King to save him and complete the trip to Tianzhu. Finally Wukong knew the truth about the true and false Tang Seng.

The demon king broke the magic power of Monkey King’s golden hoop. Can Tang Seng’s treasure robes be regained? Will Monkey King be defeated and trapped in the chaotic world, can he be reborn from the ashes?

  • Genre: Action, Magic
  • Stars: Ao Dog/Fu Ying/Lin Xue/He Ruohe/Huang
  • Runtime: 75mins

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