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The Holy Beast

Download The Holy Beasts / Resurrection Of Ancient Beast Chinese Movie Mp4

The demon masters Tian Fang and Ruo Ling help the prince to get rid of the rat demon queen, and solve the unsolved case that shocked Gyeonggi. When the imperial city was peaceful, there was another murder case in the small fishing village.

Yu Kuai Erliang Yin and Ruo Ling guessed that this was a pentagram star array based on several incidents, and the center of the star array was the palace, which was the demon. The place where the beasts hide away. The prince hurried back to the palace and found that the imperial teacher had killed the emperor and spread rumors to arrest the prince.

When Tian Fang and Ruo Ling found Qiong Qi, the national teacher came, and Erliang Yin found that he was actually his senior brother. It turns out that these years, the national teacher has gone into trouble, running for Qiongqi, trying to use Qiongqi’s demon power to control the world. T

ianfang and Erliangyin fought against the national teacher, but they were simply no match for the national teacher who had devoured the poor and strange demon power. Back to the memory of being a nine-tailed cat demon…

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Stars: Zhang Bingqian / Zhang Ziwen / Ye Xiaokai
  • Runtime: 65mins

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