Mysterious Ancient Beasts (Chinese) [Action]

Mysterious Ancient Beasts

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The film tells the story of Qinchuan, a young drug seller in an ordinary village, in order to save the golden silkworm girl in his subconscious space, he went to the secret space under the temptation of Jiu Lao to find the unicorn fragrant wood that cures and saves people.

The protagonist, Qin Chuan, is erudite, intelligent, and extraordinary. He has a kind heart that saves lives and heals the wounded and an awe-inspiring spirit of justice.

In the process of exploring the secret realm, relying on his wit and courage to fight against endless poisonous beasts and beasts all the way, he has repeatedly tried to save people in danger regardless of his past suspicions, and finally convinced the crowd who had been ostracizing him, exposed the conspiracy of Jiu Lao, and won precious friendship and beautiful love.

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Stars: Gao Weiman, others
  • Runtime: 64mins

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