Youmikuang vs Cribug – Chinese Movie 2021 (Action)

Youmikuang vs Cribug

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The father of young You Mikuang was seriously ill and died because of the humble family Wen Yao who could not be treated. From then on, You Mi madly determined to obtain Jiang Wenyao.

The five white fighters he led-Bai Luoti, Fenghe, Yingsong, Huan Zejin, and Guangxiu were killed in the assassination battle of Quebat due to the design of the Holy Alliance Commander Tapir.

Wen Yao was denied the identity of soldiers. He could only bury them by himself, write their names on the wooden boards, and stand in front of the tombstone for five days and five nights.

This is fatal to the fog demon who is photophobic. On the fifth day, a person-the fourth generation of Quiba Milin, helped him open his umbrella. His story touched Quiba, and in the end You Mikuang and his teammates became the “mortal enemies” trusted by Quiba.

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