[Poems] Etz kolagold – LIFE

Etz kolagold embarks on another single hit poem titled “LIFE“. this is a very heartwarming poem.

It’s heart-to-heart vibe! It’s might be an heartbreaking one too but it’s surely just this life!!!
And this is just the first part, Etz kolagold will release the second part of “LIFE later on.


Life’s a test, it’s either we excel or not
It’s neither a curse nor a force, it’s what’s meant to be !
Wind whistling, snow glistening
We really try not to, but we are all listening!

When looking up the stars, I know quite well
That, for all they care, I can go to hell
But on earth indifference is the least
We’ve to dread from man or beast so as to become the best!

Life’s a journey………..
Every journey has it’s beginning and end
We’re travellers in this journey of life
Our reasoning directs our ways in the journey

Life’s too short, to just complain
Rid every negativity from your brain
Life’s too short, time won’t freeze
Enjoy it all, won’t you please?, even if it just for the breeze

In life, there’re many ups and downs
Loving smiles and also frowns
Good events and some are bad
Happy emotions, others mad; it can’t be a bumpy ride

Life is dangerous, malicious, rapacious and voracious
That’s why Etz(it’s) precious
If you can measure the leisure and bring down the pressure
Surely, you’ll feel and see that you’re a treasure!

Life’s too short, to change careers
Choice is yours, they’re your years
Maybe once, or maybe even twice
Look inside, be wise ! And find advice

Life is something, that, we would all cherish
We all never know when we’ll perish
Live each and every single day, pray!
Smell the flowers, stop and play

Life and death; without one,there cannot be the other
For some it’s short,but they live it like no other
For most it’s long, and to be happy, they don’t even bother
Life of a star, is never behind the back of the mother

Every decision, made! Leads to a different road
We’ll never go to exactly the same crossroads
Every decision we make, has a significance
The tiniest choice made reverberates throughout the entire universe

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