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The Scorpion Monster

Download The Scorpion Monster Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

The Scorpion Monster” is about a story of a famous Chinese Monk/Taoist Yin (Yan Chixia) which is a character in series film “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

A Yue Ling Village disappeared at a night suddenly. The Court suspects that it was done by the Scorpion Demon.

Then the master Ye Tianqing of “Monster Killing Bureau” and Monk/Taoist Yin (Yan Chixia) were sent to investigate this case together.

When they try their best to enter this hidden village, they find that all the villagers are preventing their investigation.

Then Ye Tianqing and Yan Chixia are getting worse and worse under the provocation of Wizard Black.

At last, Yan Chixia finds out the secret of the whole things and defeats the evil again…

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Stars: Liu Jikai, An Diyi, Zhang Linyue, Pei Lei
  • Runtime: 84mins

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