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River gods case

Download Song Cizhi River God’s Case Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

During the Southern Song Dynasty, the former county magistrate of Tonggu County used the “River God” as a guise to kidnap children secretly in the Southern Song Dynasty.

Song Ci was ordered to come to Tonggu, repeatedly affirming to the people that offering sacrifices to the river god is pure nonsense, and promised to find out the truth of the matter.

His arrival made the old county magistrate feel threatened. Under the instruction of the old county magistrate, his party members violated Song Ciyang and secretly suppressed Song Ci in an attempt to end Song Ci without realizing it. When waves of danger came to Song Ci, the children continued to disappear.

This made the people lose trust in Song Ci and forced Song Ci to sacrifice to the river god.

Under pressure from many sources, Song Ci made a tentative investigation and used his superb forensic methods to make the corpse “speak”, gradually pinpointing the real culprit and discovering the huge conspiracy behind it. In the end, Song Ci did not hesitate to fight for his life to bring the real murderer to justice.

  • Genre: Action
  • Stars: Guo Xin/ Liu Dinghan/ Xu Shaoqiang
  • Runtime: 66mins

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