DOWNLOAD: Dhakkan – 2020 Latest Indian Movie

Dhakkan Indian Movie

Dhakkan – 2020 Latest Indian Movie MP4 DOWNLOAD

After a freak accident, Ram (Indra) is left with an auditory processing disorder. Since his brain takes an additional five seconds to process and relay information, he is constantly the joke of any little situation.

Right when his coping methods are exhausted, Mouli (Pandiyarajan), a doctor resembling Victor Frankenstein comes up with unorthodox treatments to find a solution to his disability.

A love-struck Ram on the other hand dismisses these treatments to court Hema (Aditi). An Art-Therapist who gets kidnapped right in front of his eyes. Amidst all this chaos, an infuriated Ram seeks to right the wrongs, one problem at a time.

Title: Dhakkan.mp4
Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller
Series: Indian Movies
Source: Primetime ACM
Stars: Indra, Adithi, Pandiyarajan, Praveen,Vinoth
Runtime: 113mins

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