Whales ft. Fraxo – Dead To Me (TikTok Remix)


Sex Whales ft. Fraxo Dead To Me Slowed + Reverb TikTok Remix Download

One of the recent trending songs on TikTok is “Dead To Me (Slowed + Reverb)” performed by multi-talented rappers, Whales, Fraxo and Lox Chatterbox.

Apparently, the song has been used multiple times on the video sharing platform and has garnered more than 100M views on TikTok.

Continually conveying a decent dope sound, the multi-skilled genius has built up a genuine fan-base that stands apart to help and battle this music battle.

Along having time making this tune for fans, this shows no easing back down in the business by any stretch of the imagination.

Quotable Lyrics;

It’s like I woke up from a nightmare
It’s like I woke up from a nightmare
It’s like I woke up from a nightmare
Because I finally got away from you
And I ain’t never going back there
If it’s the last thing I’ll ever do
But now it’s R.I.P.
Because it’s over and you’re dead to me
You just a memory that I can’t break
But I can’t shake the ghost that you left behind here

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