The Westward: The Fantasy Cave (Chinese) [Action]

Fantasy Cave

Download The Westward The Fantasy Cave Animation Movie Mp4 Film

The westbound team went to the other shore to get the eternal fire, passed through the town of the world, was attracted by the fantastic and beautiful scene of the Qiongqi Di Cave.

And strayed into the cave, so they accidentally learned the conspiracy of the big demon of the Qiong Qi Di Cave.

In order to prevent the world-shattering disaster that is about to invade the entire Monster Avenue, master and apprentice fought together.

When Sun Wukong was controlled by his mind and turned into a giant ape, facing unprecedented desperation and crisis, how will the westbound team turn against the wind?

Find out more, starring Liu Beichen / Fan Junhang / Sun Ye / Meng Xianglong / Xiao Xin / Weng Yuan / Vinegar and many others.

  • Genre: Action, Animation, Fantasy
  • Stars: Liu Beichen / Fan Junhang / Sun Ye
  • Runtime: 67mins

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