The Turtle Island (Chinese) [Adventure]

The Turtle Island

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Wang Mian went out to sea to look for his missing elder brother. He didn’t want to be attacked by a sea monster and the wind and waves swept through.

When the ship was destroyed and people died, the legendary fairy island of saving lives appeared out of thin air on the sea, so he took refuge on the island with the passengers on the same ship.

The Qionglou fairyland on the fairy island is beautiful, and there is a fairy Yunzhi who entertains everyone on behalf of the island owner, a slim fairy and a fairyland, and a delicious dinner to make everyone forget the danger of death and settle down.

However, the passengers on the same boat disappeared one after another, and the boat to the island was also stolen. Wang Mian and his party were trapped in the fairy island, and they were suspicious of each other.

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Which of the passengers is the ghost hiding behind it? The tortoise attacks, can the boy find his brother and escape from this man-eating fairy island?

  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Stars: Wang Zhuocheng / Xiao Xiangfei / Lai Yumeng
  • Runtime: 69mins

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