The Full meaning of KapaichuMarimariChupako – Zlatan

Hey Guys! Trust you’re doing good.

This post is a meme where an interviewer asks the Zanku Legwork Crooner, Zlatan, the meaning of his popular slang “KapaiChumarimariChupaku”.

Whenever he’s featured in a music, you’ll hear him say the slang! Then you’ll know Zlatan is here!!!.

Back to the meme! It was posted on Burna Boy Instagram Status Handle. Check the hilarious meme below!.

Zlatan is mad! Aswearugad!!

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5 thoughts on “The Full meaning of KapaichuMarimariChupako – Zlatan

  1. please the efcc where able to arrest nairamaley for being a yahoo boi,
    then i want what is the different between politicians scamming money from government an yahoo boiz using Internet fraudster!

    is fake nairamaley an zlatan as been in industry for over 14 years now putting things in order,
    what has come over simi was ignorances an show up.

    efcc are making mistakes of arresting yahoo boiz,
    cos yahoo is a course of study all thought
    becoming a yahoo yahoo is like taking a step unlike lada.
    pucino sas_p…
    disagree with efcc

    politicians still from government an yahoo boiz at up the catalyst to make for a living, is not a scam!!

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