The Bravest Escort Group II – Chinese Movie 2021 (Action)

The Bravest Escort Group

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The Escort of Qingping was wiped out for protecting Chen Yuanyuan. The whereabouts of the big bosses Yang Liuan and Chen Yuanyuan are unknown. The rivers and lakes are everywhere, and Yang Liuan’s family has to hide in the mountains and wilds.

In order to prevent outsiders from suspecting Liuan, they have to accept their father’s adopted daughter locker. Become a husband and wife. For good luck, Lu’an took the oiran to save his brother Ma Shiqi, and got into the celebrity prostitute.

However, because of being forced to go home because of being forced to go home, Suo’er disappeared, and Lu’an vowed to rescue Suo’er and avenge his blood and hatred.

Not wanting to expose his identity, he was chased by Chongshan all the way, but he was passively involved in the search for Chen Yuanyuan. Although the escort is gone, Chen Yuanyuan is the dart in her own heart. How should family, integrity and love stick to it…

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