Tears Of Sword (Chinese) [Action]

Tears Of Sword

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In ancient times, in order to prevent the cruel demon king from causing harm to the world, a fairy repaired the magic tower and sealed the demon world with the magic weapon “Wuchen”.

Unexpectedly, the Wuchen sword disappeared mysteriously. The demon world was sealed with the soul and soul of the newborn “son of pure yang”, Wang Sheng, who was on the verge of death, was saved by Jiu Xian, the master swordsman.

24 years later, Wangsheng, who wanted to study art in Shushan, and Yiyi, a girl who depended on each other, met Feng Ruoliu, a female swordsman from Shushan, and the three embarked on the road of eliminating demons.

Unfortunately, Wang Sheng and Feng Ruoli were injured by the monster Huofeng, but fortunately they were saved by the kind villagers of the magic village. At this time, the Sword Master who was looking for Wuchen’s Excalibur ordered his disciple Yanchenzi to slaughter the Demon Village, causing Wangsheng to misunderstand that Feng Ruoli did it.

Yiyi, who was reincarnated from the Wuchen Divine Sword, was captured by the Sword Master and entered into the Demon-Sealing Tower to refine his primordial spirit in order to save Wangsheng.

In the next day, Wangsheng defeated the sword master who had fallen into the evil way, and wandered around the world with the Wuchen sword infused with souls.

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Stars: Xie Miao / Nuo Yao / Admiration
  • Runtime: 87mins

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