Stomp The Yard (2007) [Music]

Stomp The Yard

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DJ Williams is a young man in inner-city Los Angeles. He and his younger brother Duron compete in local dance competitions as members of a crew known as the “Goon Squad”.

During the battle there are backs and forths, but in the end of the battle the Goon Squad win a cash-prize, and Sphere, the leader of The Thug Unit goes all in for a double or nothing battle, which DJ accepts much to the dismay of his brother who knows that if the opposing crew leader thinks he got hustled the crew won’t be able to spend the money they win.

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The Goon Squad wins the second battle and the losing home crew responds by ambushing DJ and his crewmates after the show.

A fight breaks out, and the leader of the rival crew starts beating up DJ. Duron pushes him away and starts fighting him. The rival pulls out a gun and shoots and kills Duron, devastating DJ.

  • Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
  • Stars: Chris Brown, Brian J White, Darrin Henson
  • Runtime: 109mins

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