Snake King (Chinese) [Action]

Snake King

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Magazine editor Pang Shijia and his colleagues went deep into the mysterious uninhabited jungle to shoot material, and were chased by poisonous snakes and accidentally broke into the underground snake palace.

The three who escaped by chance encounter an injured old man, and hear the legend that the bloodthirsty snake king and humans agreed to protect one side of the water and soil. When the group decided to leave the jungle, they were captured by snake men and had to guide them to the Snake Palace.

The snake catcher set a trap to kill the snake king. The snake king was furious and started to kill. Pang Shijia and his party repaid the only surviving snake catcher with virtue.

The snake catcher, who witnessed his brother being swallowed by a giant snake, regretted it, and decided to go out with Pang Shijia and his party as soon as possible, but the poachers walking in the forest saw that they were carrying the sky-high snake skin shed by the snake king.

The poachers waited for the opportunity and prepared to use guns to coerce Pang Shijia and his party to take them to the Snake King. The danger of life and death was imminent.

On the other hand, the Snake King led a hundred snakes to attack people. How many people under Shekou could escape successfully?

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
  • Stars: Wang Jiaru / Chen Saisai / Hu Yuansong
  • Runtime: 80mins

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