Shakira releases new song ‘Don’t you worry’ after Pique break-up

After Shakira separated from Gerard Pique, the heart of Barcelona’s defense, the famous Colombian singer released a song that is expected to be the most successful this summer, entitled “Don’t You Worry”in collaboration with David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas, who have been delving into Latin rhythms, and also previously worked with Shakira on “Girl Like Me”.

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The song was released yesterday, Friday, and was announced on the artists’ social networking pages, and some of the song’s lyrics say: “Don’t worry… I feel alive, and I will live the best life and do what I want.” And in another clip, she says: “I was frustrated.” And now I get up… my head is raised and my eyes are up and I’m getting wiser… then I realize that everything will be fine,” which sparked controversy over whether Shakira meant Pique with those words.

And the international singer Shakira was recently subjected to an unexpected shock from an investigation team she contracted to find out whether her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique was actually cheating on her or not, as a Spanish TV program stated that Shakira had to end the relationship with Pique after the information was leaked to the media and the public, by The investigators you hired.

And the Spanish TV program “Unification” added that the Colombian star obtained evidence proving Pique’s betrayal, and she wanted to verify this, so she resorted to a team of investigators to inquire about the matter, but in complete secrecy because she did not want to expose the matter, but rather wanted to maintain her privacy with Pique, but she was surprised after Because her plan did not work, because the investigation team betrayed her, so she rushed to announce the separation through a joint statement she issued with the Spanish player recently..

The investigators appointed by Shakira had tracked Pique’s movements for a period of time, discovering his betrayal and immediately informed her, and she was handed pictures and evidence proving this, but she did not show it to the light, as she paid money for it out of respect for her privacy until it was leaked.

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