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Reign Of The Supermen

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Six months following Superman’s sacrifice and death at the hands of Doomsday,[N 1] the crime rate in Metropolis has spread, while four new controversial Supermen have emerged. Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s adoptive parents are still in mourning over his death. Lois has been investigating the new Supermen by gathering information from different sources.

Lex Luthor introduces a new Superman to the world at a press conference, who Lois discovers is actually a clone – Superboy created by Dr. Dabney Donovan. The conference is interrupted by the Eradicator, Steel and Cyborg Superman (who claims he is the true Superman) who fight each other until both the Eradicator and Cyborg Superman leave the battle. The Eradicator is shown later transferring his DNA to the corpse of Superman in the Fortress of Solitude. That night, Cyborg Superman visits Lois in an attempt to convince her he isn’t a fake. Lex becomes frustrated with Superboy for his childish actions.

The Justice League, accompanied by Superboy, are hired as bodyguards for the President, who is unveiling their new Watchtower. The presentation is suddenly attacked by Parademons, summoned via a boom tube portal. The League are mysteriously transported to another planet and declared dead while Cyborg Superman rescues the president and is announced to the world as the true Superman. Angered, Lex reveals to Superboy he shares his DNA and kills Dr. Donovan after he explains to Lex that Superboy is the best clone they could create. With the help of Steel, Lois discovers Cyborg Superman is the deceased astronaut Hank Henshaw who blames Superman for not saving him and his wife and has decided to destroy his legacy by impersonating him. Henshaw reveals to the world his new “Cyber Corps” militia, which are created by Mother Boxes infused with humans.

Steel tracks the Eradicator to the Fortress, where he learns that Superman is currently going through a revitalization cycle, and the two engage in a fight. The fight is broadcast to Lois’ phone. Lois realizes that the Eradicator is a hologram from Superman’s ship’s matrix, created to protect Superman. The fight stops when a depowered Superman is revived. Through Henshaw’s technology, Lex and Lois discover that Henshaw is being controlled by Darkseid from Apokolips,[N 2] who created Doomsday and orchestrated its attack on Earth.

Superman, Superboy and Steel head towards Metropolis. Lex sends Lois to the Watchtower as he uses a Mother Box to rescue the League. Darkseid continues to torment Henshaw for his failure to keep Superman dead and attempts to open a portal for his arrival, using the Mother Box infused with Henshaw. Henshaw rips out the Mother Box inside him, deactivating Darkseid’s control over the Cyber Corps. Before Henshaw can kill Lois, Superman arrives.

Henshaw blames Superman for his wife Terri’s death. Superman eventually regains his powers from the sun and kills Henshaw by stabbing his forehead with a crystal taken from the Fortress of Solitude containing the Eradicator program. Henshaw’s death also deactivates the Cyber Corps, unfortunately killing them in the process.

In the aftermath, Martian Manhunter disguises himself as Superman to announce Clark Kent’s safe return with the cover up of him being missing during the Doomsday attack. Superboy is sent to live with the Kents and is named “Conner”. In a post-credit scene, the League gather at the Watchtower to confront Darkseid themselves,[N 3] with Lex inviting himself in.

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