Reasons Why #FreeEromz Is Trending On Twitter

We are here to tell you why the hashtag #FreeEromz is currently trending on Twitter and why it’s at the number one spot.

According to some examinations and checking some tweets by Nigerians, we found out that a man named Mr. Eromsele Adene was arrested because he was protesting for the alleged #ENDSARS which happened last year.

So, why is he trending? It happens that he was being taken to court today and Nigerians are raging because he was arrested for no offense, but for protesting.

See some tweets Nigerians are venting below;

Mr. Eromsele Adene did nothing but stand in solidarity with his brothers against injustice and oppression, but the Nigerian govt arrested, detained and charged him to court. We mustn’t keep quiet, else they’d hit him with more frivolous charges. Tweet/RT #FreeEromz E #SoroSoke!

His crime was Holding a speaker and being A Nigerian Retweet aggressively !!

Dem don postpone @simplyEromz case again o! Till 17th of March. Neither @simplyEromz nor his lawyer was informed. Save the date o! You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for standing with justice! We Move!!! Their fada!!!!

Anywhere you see #FreeEromz, please retweet with anger! Na protest i protest, I no kill person! Case na today 9am, Yaba Magistrate Court. tweet #FreeEromz in solidarity comrades

Guys do you remember @simplyEromz he did nothing but they have chosen to detained him for nothing.. please anywere you see #FreeEromz Rt aggressively na peaceful protest e do e no kill person.i meet him once during d protest a strong a promising king.#FreeEromz now.

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