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Pop Smoke Invincible Mp3 Download Song

American rapper and songwriter, Pop Smoke has released this impressive single tagged “Invincible”.

The song, Invincible was lifted off his recently released studio album tagged “Meet The Woo”.

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Continually conveying a decent dope sound, the multi-skilled genius has built up a genuine fan-base that stands apart to help and battle this music battle.

Along having time making this tune for fans, this shows no easing back down in the business by any stretch of the imagination.

Quotable Lyrics:

Oh, woo
Yeah, yeah
I said, I feel invincible
They like, “Papi what you get into?”
I pop a Perc, go retarded, wait
Haha, hahaha
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Woo, woo, yeah
Grrr, yeah, yeah
I said I feel invincible
It’s a hunnid niggas in the spot
I’m walkin’ through ’em (I’m walkin’ thorugh ’em)
It’s eighty-five just to walk through
I don’t talk to these niggas (nah)
‘Cause a lot of these niggas be corny (corny)
I’m feelin’ horny (I’m feelin’ horny)
And I shoot like Robert Horry
I’m off this percolater shit
I got a percolated bitch
I give her this percolated dick
I show her this percolated tricks
Pop Smoke, they know who in the city
Pop Smoke, nigga you could ask Diddy
Pop Smoke, bust up a citi or TD
Pop Smoke, goin’ fifty for fifty
I pop a Perc, go retarded then shoot up the party
Then change the artillery
Energy, I’m givin’ nothin’ but energy
I give her Perky and Hennessy
I give two shots to the enemy, hope he remember me
What the fuck a nigga tellin’ me?
I spent two-hunnid-fifty on my fist
I spent two-hunnid-fifty on my bitch, double G
Niggas know I’m a threat
Walk in the spot and turn everybody Crip
DJ Clue, my nigga fuck with the Woos
Tell Spinking to play it back
While the Woos throw the bag
You know I’m shootin’ for the stars
Aimin’ for the moon
I shoot at any opp (opp)
‘Cause niggas know I’m Woo
Send a nigga to the medic
Everything raw, no edit
Pop Smoke, did it

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Pop Smoke Invincible Mp3 Download Song

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