[Poems] Etz Kolagold – Dreams


In life,  we all do dream!!!  Some dream higher…… Some dream to just achieve little.

Dream is a thing that’s normal to occur!  The poem entails the dreams of a youth,  of a leader and so on .

Dreams (by KOLAGOLD)

First phase

When I go to bed
All I see is weird
The things in the midst of thread
Things containing a sequence of shredded dread

Love appears to come in between the two
The day comes!!! She gets pregnant
The woman goes into labour
Only to make sure to harbour

The woman strives, harder and harder
To give birth to a bouncing baby child
All of that is a dream
That only a pregnant woman has on her lame

The woman delivers, at last it’s a baby boy
It’s a bouncing baby girl
Everyone happy, jubilating and all overwhelming
But all the parent mind is to make the child a success in life

The child grows up, now becomes matured
He wants to make his own decisions
She wants to follow a path of her own
She wants to live by her own policy

Now, the dream of the child begins!!!
The child has become a big boy
No more thinking for him
He has got to do it all by himself

Now, it becomes the dreams of a youth
Like the month of the trout to the south
All on the mind of a youth is to get loved
Get wealthy and always try to get to the top!

But what Some youths don’t really know is
That this life is so beautiful…….
We will all surely live and leave
We will all see and be seen!

In this life of ours
It’s either we excel or not
It’s not a curse or a force
It’s just a normal phrase

We all surely aim
We all do have goals
But without dreams
There’s nothing to aim at, absolutely no step
to achieve goals….. Nothing beams!!!
unaware that life is not always a bed of roses
She wants to live a life of luxuries
He wants to strive to have the best
Hoping to have the world at his call

Aiming to have it all
He chose the wrong path involving lucifer
Striving to achieve her goal
She wants to hasten things up

In lieu of him waiting patiently for God’s time
He speeds things up by ritual
Trying to compete with his peers
Forgetting even a low man can still make it after many trials

Not knowing that chattered dreams
Is the brother of incomplete dreams
Man has the freedom to dream
But, building a castle in the air is aimless

Dreams are one of those things that keep you going and happy
People cry, not because they’re weak. But because they’ve been
strong for too long!
It is not who you are underneath,it’s what you do that defines you!!!
The difference in winning and losing is most often….. Not quitting.

Do not for one repulse, give up the purpose that you resolved to effect
Play your role, do what has to be done!
There’s no crime in you not knowing…….
That the crime lies in you wanting to know

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow

You want to drive in a benz
You want to be the hottest babe in the world
But you forgot it’s the same measurement for the coffin of the graveyard
It’s just like digging one’s own grave!!!

You want to have money at all cost
You forget life’s just a deception
To you, all is just a normal thing
You don’t even care about the reception

Whenever fear knocks on your door,
Always have the right courage to open the door,
Because success is waiting behind the fear,
Then only you will reach your goal!

Life’s not always easy
But for those who remains optimistic
And never lose faith
It will always be less difficult

The dream continues, got taken and made of them – a broken vase
And a round fountain with a beautiful stature in it’s center
In the dream, a burning desire
Like light from a diamond

Then love begins in the dreams of a man
She is the only love of his life
She is this, she’s that!!! Knowing deep in yourself you’ve another mission
But the love you showered has taken away the girl’s vision

Later, you gained what you wanted
All was just for a pleasure
You only took her for granted
Dear Mr.pleasure gainer, is this part of your dreams too???

The girl becomes heartbroken
Saying all sorts, thinking deeper!!!
“you say you do love me, and I want to believe again”
“we said we do, in better or worse, so all that was not true!!! “

When she looks in the mirror, all I see is lie and hurt
She goes to sleep in pain and wakes up in pain
She had trust in “us” she gave but you took!!!
This is never the relationship she thought of

She thought you were the one person
She could laugh with, cry with and talk with
She thought you both had it all
But now it’s cold and dark!!!

Another man’s dream of loving is different
That thoughtful stare and wind kissed hair
Just warmed him to the core
Holding out treasures of daring chances

He tossed and he turned last night
When he lied awake in his bed
Too busy thinking about you his dear
As you couldn’t get out of his head

Then when he finely fell asleep
He dreamt of you once again
Where you were so very happy together – laughing and smiling
Without a fear in words again

And now that you’re around
Within his awoken dreams
He wish you could be nearer
Standing right there, next to him!!!

Where he’d hold you in his arms
As you set your spirits free
As you fly high towards the stars
Twin hearts heading for eternity

They water the soul and keep him a whole
Imagine that you’re with him
Seeing the same vision as a glance
Float downstream to where you could be

In the strength of grace and goodness
Extending beyond another mystery
Both stroll into the path of scented bliss
Till the dream ends in the terrestrial sky.

Phase 2 (My dreams)
I have a dream
Always to be a great boom
Banging everywhere so soon
But always with Allah’s mercies won!

I have a life
To undo a rife
To make things right
And be a light

To have a wife
And make her my life
Because her love
Is equally my life!!!

My dreams are always with you all night
That’s why I’m always alright
I’ll do with you all that’s all right
Because without you, I’ve got no other might

You’re my one and only one light
For this your love, I promise I’ll really fight
Not for anything else but so as to hold you so tight
You’ve given me a life without no fright
All I ever imagine with you is delight
You are the dream that I need to see every night
You are the wind that makes me flow and fine
You are the shine that I look up to the stars

You are there and that is why I am here
I love you so much my dear
This is for you my future lover
I’ll be your one and only cover

Let’s not come a long way only to go to a wrong way
Accordingly to Cristiano Ronaldo,
Dreams are not what you see in your sleep
But Dreams are those which do not let you to sleep!

Cristiano Ronaldo once said
“Your love makes me strong”
“Your hates makes me unstoppable”
For very high visioned people like him….. This is a dream!!!

My love, to be the star in my moonless night sky
My confused mind wonders forth and back
I just can’t find the right words
Befitting that – QUEEN, that you would be!!!

Phase 3
Dreams are like butterflies on the bed of rose
Coming to reality to fulfill them is an achievement
Dreams are fairytale
Waking up from our dream into reality is cumbersome

Dreams are idle fancy
Some dreams are memorable event
Some are ambiguous to us
Waking life is a dream controlled

Dreams are our imaginary desire
Wishing for it to be fulfilled
Dreams sometimes is what makes us a complete human
Some dream are of our optimistic value and goals

While some are of our pessimistic value and perspective of life
Life is all about dreams
Without no dreams, no achievement, no success ,no determination, no goals,
Then living is worthless without no dreams

Dreams are our inspiration.
We got to live to have dreams that will inspire us
Making our living worthwhile
And making the time spent a worthwhile timeline

My dream is to be a great poet
Helping other people’s life
Islamically and emotionally
Making us to be up rightfully!!!

I’m a Muslim and I’m proud to be
And it’s not only by name
If Jannah is your dream
Hold tight to your Deen!!!

Alhamdullillah Rabbil halamin
Project team : GENTLESOUL, Ogunmuyiwa mar’yam, yewandeh,sister Nafeesah folarin and so on……. Thanks to you all!!!


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