Legend Of The Book (Chinese) [Action]

Legend Of The Book

Love between Gods and Demons, Adapted from Classic Animation

Dan Sheng cultivates with his master Yuan Gong, but he still misses his beloved fox bewitching Meier. At the same time, the strange scene in the dream made Dansheng even more uneasy, and many doubts were solved one by one along with Dansheng’s “dream” journey.

Although the protagonist Dansheng knows that he is a god, he is confused about what he is doing. And the fox-beautiful Meier represents the group that Dansheng has to fight against, and the love relationship makes Dansheng even more caught in a dilemma.

Eggman’s persistence is the core of thought in the sequel, which implies that there is no right or wrong in philosophy. Jiuyou is formed by the demon’s resentment, and the demon is killed by egg. There are demons like Meier, born to be demons, there is no choice.

Some people are like Luan Qing, who is unbearable to be a human being, and turns into a demon. When demons and people stand on the front line of cooperation without right or wrong, all disgusting demons can be eliminated.

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Fantasy
  • Stars: Chen Xinzhe/ Jiang Mengxuan/ Li Jing
  • Runtime: 67mins

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