LAMB Cypher 3.0 Lyrics – MI Abaga, Blaqbonez, Loose Kaynon, A-Q

LAMB Cypher

LAMB Cypher 3.0 Lyrics


Uh! Yeah, First off congratulations
For another cypher
Cause by my calculations
The last cypher was my last cypher
But (?) happens and it’s okay
The bag came calling and I picked up for old time sake

Just the beginning, y’all really (?) steady flexing
Barely wear my $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) necklace, a bad investment
I ain’t got no regrets
Cause money coming every seconds plus
I’m never stopping till I get this stacks wrecked
I’m the hardest nigga at 21
Rappers hard as me
Some niggaz on the (?) but we don’t see the cash in reality
But you know when you see me I look at the (?)
Y’all saying getting doe but when we see you we know (?)
And niggaz see me wonders if it’s only rap
What else is he doing?
He bought a Benz and a Lexus
Yo! What else is he moving?
If I was a female, they gon ask who the fuck is this queen?
How hard is it to believe I got this shit off the music
Still talking bout COVID, but you’re just making excuses
Cause the sh!t never pop, (?) claim or turn into music
See I think that it’s stupid, the shit is music
Means that shitty promo translates to shitty whatever (?)
I told myself I’ll never do this, but I wouldn’t listen
And me and nasty (?), brother line wicked
I’m slim but got a big foot, you know what shit means
It’s my thing (?)

I’m done with all this beef shit, sike I’m still winning
Staring at my Benz, thinking about Nancy Isime
Shawty bad as fck, wanna see that booty drop like gravity
Think what I really need is some post on clarity too
Clarifying this feeling she got a nice personality
More importantly, she got nice racks to go with
Down with Sex over Love, I’ll be honoured to do the damages
Number is 0, 915, rest in your messages
Yeah I’m done.


Verse coming soon!


It’s me again and I humbly apologize
That I’m always this time out that I can’t be like other guys
You can step into the glow of the sun and can shut your eyes
And then listen to my beautiful voice, let’s harmonize
I pledge to hip-hop to serve it with soul and might
See how my flows rushing I’ve been bursting like swollen pipes
Jerry Crow flows, obsessed with control and mic
I come alive, you cross me like I’m the Holy Christ
I’ve sacrificed all the (?) in my prom
You never crucify me though put your rosary down
Gravity and family, only things holding me down
Tried to kill me, (?) hopefully you’re around
Mehn, I dey cruise like long b!tch staying higher than (?)
I appointed the bags they’re secret like palliatives
The line no dey register not connecting, you seem outdated
To get the number up, you gon need (?)

Ehn, last cypher we was hugging another team
But they were sleeping while sleeping so they didn’t see the dream
New collabo of LVMH now the bag is so supreme
We balling feeling now some shit you can do in those skinny jeans
Rap head we know you capping bruh! Too late yeah
If the cypher is the (?) capital like Suleja
You talking jack shit but please don’t tell lie
You know we shut (?) in the UAR
And oh, one more thing that’s important before I walk out
All my young people, whether you’re a graduate or drop-out
Get your PVC go register for INEC compound
E get some people wey we gats tell them to get the fck out
(?) chop on it, calling panel you con dey chop (?)
Me I no get power to suffer, I no dey work out
If you no got take ham for head then make I go pluck (?)
Still the baddest rappers in Africa, what are we talking bout?


Verse coming soon!


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