Lady calls out late friend’s husband for posting another woman five months after wife’s demise


The young lady, Miss Roach takes to social media to call out her late friend’s husband for moving on so quickly five months after his wife’s death.

A Twitter user identified as Miss Roach, took to the platform to bash her late friend’s husband for going out with another woman so quickly.

In a lengthy post, Miss Roach slammed users of the platform supporting the claim with a justification of ’till death do us part.’

My friend died 5 months ago and her husband is already posting a new bitch.

I can’t make this up.
Here’s the post! I commented on it 🤷‍♀️ can’t sit back and watch this bullshit anymore. Sick ass nigga and a sick ass bitch

I wasn’t expecting this to go viral but now that it has and I see some of you ASS CLOWNS defending this weird-ass-excusing friend’s behavior and excusing it as grieving let’s get down to the gritty. My friend’s husband has been a piece of shit and put Kayla through absolute hell.


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