Is drinking water during and after eating food good or bad?

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My own opinion is that water should not be taken along with food. Drink water 15 to 30 minutes before food, or at least 30 minutes after eating. The reason is the following :

When people are hungry, or when it is time for breakfast, lunch or dinner (assuming you habitually eat at regular times), your stomach starts secreting hydrochloric acid and other digestive enzymes which are necessary for proper digestion of food.
If you drink water immediately before you eat, or while you eat, or immediately after, the acid and enzymes will become diluted and ineffective to properly digest the food.
So drink water before your stomach starts secreting the enzymes, or after the enzymes have properly digested the food.

And you should never fill your stomach to maximum capacity, even if delicious food is offered for free like in a party. Always leave at least a quarter of your stomach free. This is because your stomach muscles contract and expand, kneading and churning the food in the stomach so that it is properly mixed with the enzymes, and pushes your food downwards into your intestines and through it. This contraction pushing food through your intestines is known as “peristalsis”. If your stomach is “stretched to the limits” you later suffer from indigestion, stomachache and gas.

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