Hidden Dragon Battle (Chinese) [Action]

Hidden Dragon Battle

Download Hidden Dragon Battle Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

Special Forces member Long Xiaofeng and the other two comrades-in-arms Tan Kaixuan and Wang Zhanqi are good brothers who have been born and died.

In a secret operation against the drug trade, Long Xiaofeng lost a comrade-in-arms Wang Zhanqi.

Taking care of his brother’s funeral, Long Xiaofeng lurked in the drug lord’s home under the pseudonym Lin Hu and became the drug lord’s bodyguard. After a narrow escape, he gained the drug lord’s trust.

Then he met Tan Kaixuan, his comrade-in-arms who also successfully lurked and became a poison master, and things became complicated and confusing.

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For a while, Lin Hu’s choice was related to the whole situation. However, righteousness and evil, responsibilities and friendship, are originally two opposing parties…

  • Genre: Action, Crime
  • Stars: Hu Guofang, Zhang Li, Sun Jiaolong, Zhang Yaqi
  • Runtime: 93mins

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