Gunna ft. Lil Yachty – Drip Or Drown Remix (TikTok Song)

Drip or Down Remix edited

Gunna Drip Or Drown Remix TikTok Song Download Mp3

Another recent trending song on TikTok is “Drip or Drown Remix” performed by American rappers, Gunna & Lil Yachty.

Apparently, the song has been used on more than 100k videos on the video streaming platform, TikTok. It gained tractions with the lyric line It’s a Rolls Royce, and it comes with umbrellas, 2018 and that Porsche Carrera, Goyard pouch (hey), Racks in the quarter ounce (hey)“.

Continually conveying a decent dope sound, the multi-skilled genius has built up a genuine fan-base that stands apart to help and battle this music battle.

Along having time making this tune for fans, this shows no easing back down in the business by any stretch of the imagination.

Quotable Lyrics:

Two Benzes, one Bentley Coupe, and two Beamers
Think I’m a seamstress, I stay in the cleaners
2k my sweatsuit, I walk with demeanor
Sippin’ on lean, can you tell me who leaner
Showin’ me pics of your ho, I done seen her
Twenty-three racks got me feeling like Tinker
I like your bitch ’cause her pussy look pinker
Made that ho cum with two rings on my fingers
Crocodile seats and my cousin look like he been shippin’ packs
And we back, yeah, that’s a fact
Lately I promise I been on my bull
You finna get shot, acting like you cool
Drip to my socks, in Ellesse I’m a fool
Sicko my brother, he stay with a tool
If you won’t pop it, boy pass it to Tuan
Flipped in your bitch, dawg her pussy a pond
Feel like a swan laying in the Don Juan
Yeah, I been an artist, but not rap, boy, icon
Fuck these new niggas, I ain’t ’em, too foreign
My bitch a fairy,
She walk with a wand JBan$ my brother, if I fight, he scuffle
That’s not a joke, that boy can’t wait ot tussle
TEC-9, no ‘tussin, these stripper hoes bussin’
Lustin’, not lovin’, my guap, bitch, keep buzzin’

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