Football Finance Expert Gives Verdict On West Brom’s Promotion Chances

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Football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley has discussed West Brom’s promotion chances for next season.

The expert believes that the current changes led by the Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston to increase the Premier League’s payments to the EFL will not make much of a difference to restore the competitive balance of the Championship.

For that reason, Plumley admits that the Baggies should be well placed to fight for a promotion spot in the next 12 months.

That comes largely due to the fact that West Brom are still receiving parachute payments from their time in the top flight.

Plumley believes that the money proposed to be handed down from the top flight clubs won’t be worth as much when considered on an individual level, meaning teams will still be struggling to compete with those earning parachute payments still.

West Brom are receiving those payments due to their time in the Premier League.

“When you split the money among the 12 clubs, it’s not a massive amount, is it?” said Plumely, via West Brom News.

“It’s not the point and neither is it about handing clubs tens and twenties of millions.

“There is a problem in the Championship, in terms of the balance on the pitch.

“Clubs that receive parachute payments, like West Brom, are more likely to get promoted time and time again to clubs that don’t have them.

“The plan should be to re-address the balance and not by handing the clubs loads and loads of money.

“The danger is that if you don’t factor in the costs then some clubs will just go on and spend it in the transfer market and player wages.”

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Bruce will be hoping to lead the promotion charge at the Hawthorns next season as he prepares for his first full campaign with the club.

The 61-year old took over in February with the side competing for a play-off place, but a poor run of form saw the team drop out of contention before ultimately finishing 10th in the table.

The Verdict

Those parachute payments have been a big contributor to the likes of Fulham and Norwich battling between promotion and relegation every other season.

It is also a big reason why West Brom have been able to splash the cash in the transfer market, in a way most other Championship clubs cannot afford.

The Baggies should be targeting promotion this season given the vast resource advantage that they hold over most of the division.

The team really should have been more competitive last season, but the club’s hierarchy will need to cut out costly errors that saw the team unable to challenge the top six.


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