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Survivor Indian Movie

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Guru, Patta, Dhana, Parthi, and Seenu are 5 childhood friends who live in the same area in from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Their main aim is to join the fire service and save lives. Until they get their jobs, they go around places dousing off fires and saving lives by themselves.

Their actions are praised by the public and the concerned officials, including the zonal fire officer Narayanamoorthy, who promises them they will get their jobs if they write and pass the exam that is needed for them to join the fire service soon. The night before the exam, Dhana meets his friends and is seen to be injured.

He tells them that while he was coming back home, he was stopped by a man named Sadha and his friend and was slapped without reason. Dhana tries to move on from there, but Sadha doesn’t allow him and repeatedly assaults him. Sadha tells his friend he is an unstoppable don. So to prove his masculinity, he slapped Sadha. Dhana manages to escape from there after pushing Sadha away and escapes with his bike.

Hearing this, the friends decide to teach Sadha a lesson and go to the place, where the incident happened. But to their shock, they see Sadha lying dead. It is revealed that when Dhana pushed Sadha away, he fell down, hitting a rock and succumbing to his injury. It is also revealed that Sadha was the right hand of ‘Puliyanthope’ Ravi, the city’s most feared don.

Title: Survivor.mp4
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Series: Indina Movies
Source: Primetime ACM
Stars: Vikram Prabhu & Nikki Galrani
Runtime: 106mins

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