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Strange Stories

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The Heavenly Book of Six Paths is the treasure of the demon world that records the name of the demon spirits with perfect merit. Thousands of years ago, the demon of evil thoughts, Changsheng, claimed to be a fairy, controlled the consciousness of the demons, and sealed the six heavenly books to control the entire demon world.

The tree demon Yi Ye, who saw through everything, started a war with Changsheng. The power of the Six Paths Book of Heaven was also affected by the battle and flowed into the end of the Tianhe to be reincarnated as a human being.

And this person who gathers the power of the scriptures will become the judge and take charge of the scriptures again. The demon world is replaced, and the world has been in spring and autumn for ten years.

The judge is now in the world and the two worlds are reunited. Countless mysteries will be solved one by one.

  • Genre: Action, History
  • Stars: Yu Xinyan / Qiu Shijian / Mei Lingzhen / Zheng Jianwei
  • Runtime: 84mins

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