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Jenifa’s Diary documents the life of Jenifa, a school dropout turned hairdresser.

EPISODE 1: Suliat heads to the city with the intention of furthering her education and reinvents herself as Jenifa….

EPISODE 2: Rag Day: Jenifa embarrasses Toyosi in front of her friends and is apprehended on the state university campus on being suspicion of being a mad woman.

EPISODE 3: Jenifa starts classes after being enrolled by Toyosi but is horrified when she sees the students that are her classmates. It is only her lecturer that keeps her interested in attending.

EPISODE 4: JOLLOF RICE: Jenifa gains the respect of her hostel mates after confronting a bully at the water point. A pot of missing jollof rice causes major problems in the hostel.

EPISODE 5: Kiki rejects advice and reluctantly allows Jenifa to come into her house. Jenifa makes a terrible faux pas at the supermarket and seeks advice on how to become a social media big girl.

EPISODE 6: WARRI WARRIORS: Jenifa feels betrayed that Toyosi goes along with the other girls to trick her and allows social media to place her in a risky situation.

EPISODE 7: VALENTINE GROOVE: It is Valentine’s Day, Banky W is performing in Lagos and Jenifa is determined to attend the concert despite not having a ticket.

EPISODE 8: VALENTINE GROOVE: The girls are surprised to see Jenifa at the Banky W concert before them and Jenifa’s lies are exposed by her hostel mates.

EPISODE 9: THE HUSTLER: Jenifa realizes that she can takes advantage of her hairdressing skills after Kiki’s advice and the girls are flabbergasted by Jenifa’s new look.

EPISODE 10: VIDEO VIXEN: Jenifa thinks that she has found a solution to the heavy debt she has accrued when she comes across a poster on campus calling for video vixens, however Toyosi bursts her bubble.

EPISODE 11: BUSTED: Jenifa is warned about her new friends by Toyosi and a bag full of gifts is of major concern at a police checkpoint.

EPISODE 12: SUPERHERO: Jenifa celebrates her narrow escape by planning a party, Chima gives Toyosi a huge surprise and Jenifa defends Kiki.

EPISODE 13: WANNABE: Mercy receives some devastating news from her sister and the girls do a little investigative work in their attempt to pay her a visit and are shocked by their discovery.

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