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Iron Monkey

Download Iron Monkey Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

The world is coming to an end and the earth is a wasteland. Thunderbolt, a killer from an evil organization called “Sirius Boat”, decides to leave and fight for justice. He rescues four girls who were prepared to offer their hearts for the gang boss of the Sirius Boat, and helps them to flee.

The boss then sends two forces to hunt for Thunderbolt in an abandoned city in the desert. The apocalyptic world, the earth is barren. The killer Thunder rebelled against his evil organization “Sirius Boat” and decided to fight for justice.

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He rescued the girl Xiaojie who was changing the heart for the boss, and the four others escaped from the Sirius Boat. Cangqiang sent Liba and Iron Brake Legion to an abandoned steel city in the desert to hunt down Thunder, and a hunting battle began.

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