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Grave Robbers

Download Grave Robbers The Dragon Formation Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

Lu Xiaoxi, the granddaughter of the sunken old man, was poisoned with poison since she was a child. Many years ago, Sunken went to Tai’a Sword Tomb in order to save her granddaughter’s life array.

Lu Xiaoxi grew up through medicine to protect her life, but she couldn’t stop the poison from getting into the bone marrow.

The young marshal who wanted to get Tai Ajian secretly investigated and learned about the relationship between the sunken family and Tai Ajianzhong, and coerced Lu Xiaoxi and Uncle De to help him get the sword.

In order to find someone who could solve the strange formation, the young marshal used the name of Lu Xiaoxi to make a competition to recruit relatives. By chance, Chen Qi revealed the list and won the competition. Thrilling trip.

  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Stars: Hou Peishan / He Qiwei / Wu Chunyi / Li Baiyi
  • Runtime: 75mins

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