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Golden Spider City

Download Golden Spider City Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

According to legend, there is a golden city 10,000 meters deep underground, and you can get eternal life when you enter it.

Because of an archaeological notebook, Sima Cong was targeted by the wealthy businessman Xiangye, and asked Sima Cong to go 10,000 meters underground to find the whereabouts of the Golden City.

During the expedition, Sima Cong met a mysterious young man who escaped from the coffin in the tomb. The two formed an alliance to explore the secrets of the underground.

The huge Buddha statues, coffin burials, exotic animals, fungi, and the golden spider city at a depth of 10,000 meters are all about to unveil the mysterious veil.

At this time, Xiangye revealed a shocking secret. This mysterious young man turned out to be Sima Cong’s biological father, Sima Hui, who had been missing for many years…

  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure
  • Stars: Liu Lincheng / Chen Mengqi / Sasha
  • Runtime: 86mins

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