Download Drug Enforcement Heroic Cop – Chinese Movie (Crime)

Drug Enforcement Heroic Cop

Download Drug Enforcement Heroic Cop Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

The story is based on the anti-narcotics brigade smashing drug crimes, and it truly presents the blood and tears of an ordinary drug police officer.

It is mainly about the emergence of a new type of drug with extremely high purity and great harm in City A-Hongbing.

Deputy Captain Ma Zhiqiang (played by He Gang) of the city’s anti-drug brigade explored the drug production and transportation line and went deep into the drug addicts group and experienced with drug dealers.

After many battles and scuffles, the anti-narcotics brigade is about to close the net, but he is trapped in the drug manufacturing factory.

The sealed tank used for drug manufacturing is about to explode. Life and death are fast and at stake…

  • Genre: Action, Crime
  • Stars: He Gang/Tong Fei/Li Youwei/Li Yan/Zhou Xiaofei/Fan Yunfei
  • Runtime: 91mins

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