DOWNLOAD: Dangerous Revenge – 2020 Latest Indian Movie

Dangerous Revenge – 2020 Latest Indian Movie MP4 DOWNLOAD

Raj (Satvik) and Satya are two orphans who run the Satya Garage. As time passes by, Raj falls in love with Akki whereas Satya loves Sanju. This is also the time when a dreaded gang in the city creates ruckus all over by committing a lot of murders.

The twist in the tale arises when these murder cases fall on both Satya and Raj. Who is this gang? Why are they committing these crimes? and how will Raj and Satya come out as innocents? That forms the rest of the story.

Title: Dangerous Revenge
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Series: Bollywood Movies
Source: Primetime ACM
Stars: Prathyush VR, Harshita Panvar, Akshita & Sathvik Eshvar
Runtime: 95mins

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