Download Chronicles Of The Nine Heavens – Chinese Movie (Action)

Chronicles Of The Nine Heavens

Download Chronicles Of The Nine Heavens Chinese Movie Mp4 Film

It tells the story of a young man Wuwang, Gouzi and Mingzhu, who have justice in their hearts, and fight their wits and courage with the traitor Liu Bashan to protect the common people.

The hero of the story, Wuwang, and his friend Gouzi rely on fighting to survive. Accidentally received an order from Liu Bashan to help him find the Jade Jue and the tomb of the Evil Emperor, and obtain the spar of longevity.

When he discovered that Liu Bashan’s conspiracy was not for money but for other purposes, he and Mingzhu, a female disciple behind Tianjimen, desperately smashed the villain’s conspiracy.

  • Genre: Action / Fantasy / Adventure
  • Stars: Wu Qianyu / Chen Xinzhe / Ge Xingyu / Han Yinlong
  • Runtime: 72mins

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