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Royalty is the seventh studio album by American singer Chris Brown. It was released on December 18, 2015, by CBE and RCA Records.

The album was anticipated by the mixtape Before the Party, released as its prelude, and serves as the follow-up to his sixth album X (2014). The album is named after the singer’s daughter, Royalty Brown, whom the album is dedicated to.

Royalty is mainly an R&B and alternative R&B album, also containing songs with influences of funk, pop and trap music. Its lyrical content was described by Brown as a “representation of where i was in my life at that point”.

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For the album Brown collaborated chiefly with underground artists and producers, being Brown’s record with fewer featurings as well.

The album received mixed to positive reviews from music critics, who celebrated Brown’s overall performances and most of the record’s production, but questioned its consistency, calling it a qualitative step back from his previous solo album X.

Chris Brown is first seen drowning his sorrows at a bar alone when a mysterious woman buys him a drink and gives it to him after slipping a drug into it. After reluctantly drinking it, Brown loses control of his senses and leaves with the woman to her home, but Brown is under the effect of the drug and sees everything in a psychedelic way as his eyes turn temporarily neon green (“Liquor”).

After the night spent with the mysterious woman, Brown then takes a taxi home, only to find a girl he’s been seeing throwing his clothes off a balcony because she did not know where he was. Rather than get into an argument, Brown decides to gather his boys and go out. Afterwards, he starts dancing in an alley and moves his way into a laundromat with his crew before taking the stage at a downtown theater and meeting up with Dan Bilzerian (“Zero”).

After Brown leaves his crew, another woman catches his attention. He follows her to a building containing a high tech fighting arena. Suddenly, an old man’s face appears on the screen and tells Brown that he owns the substance that was slipped into his drink back at the bar and wants it back via Brown’s blood.

Realizing he was tricked in the first place, Brown is forced to fight the old man’s henchmen, but easily dispatches them with his heightened physical abilities derived from the drug and escapes, though the old man tells the second woman to follow him (“Fine By Me”). Brown then calls his girlfriend and heads over to her place, where they make love through the night (“Back to Sleep”).

Brown wakes up and goes for a walk, but is caught by the old man’s henchwoman who drugs him again with a dust-like substance. In another trance-like sequence, Brown is dragged into another dark room by the henchwoman, inter-cut with clips of him and rapper Solo Lucci performing and dancing to “Wrist”.

She seduces him as he is tied to a chair, then tries to slit his throat, but Brown glitches out of his trap and the henchwoman is bound to the chair in his stead, allowing his escape. Brown calls his girlfriend again to try to explain everything, but she is fed up and claims she is “done”, ignoring any further calls from him.

She then meets another man who asks her out on a date while she works out with her friends, but the man stands her up when they are supposed to meet. Brown sees his dejected girlfriend walk into a club and with his crew’s encouragement, reconciles with her inside the club and leads a dance number (“Anyway”).

While Brown and his girlfriend leave, the man from earlier bumps into them and upon hearing the man call his girlfriend “love”, Brown punches him, which leads to another argument resulting in Brown’s girlfriend leaving him for good.

While Brown sulks, another of his friends (Scott Disick) calls him, inviting him to go to a house party that coincidentally takes place at his own house, which Brown reluctantly accepts as “Picture Me Rollin'” starts to play.

While Brown cheers himself up at the party, the old man himself appears and confronts Brown, saying “we can do this the easy way or the hard way”. Brown’s friends, including Disick, French Montana and ASAP Rocky, step in and toss the thug out while Brown escapes.

Brown is then seen tossing in his sleep inter-cut with flashbacks from the earlier videos, in addition to new footage of his girlfriend struggling to accept her pregnancy. He then wakes up in his bed and finds a toddler, revealed to be his own daughter Royalty, sitting next to him.

Initially confused, he realizes the previous experiences were likely a dream and begins to play with Royalty in a musical montage (“Little More (Royalty)”), proclaiming his fatherly love for her and how she brings out the best in him. The video series ends as the same green flash in Brown’s eyes from earlier appears for a second in Royalty’s eyes.

See Royalty album track list below;

  1. Back To Sleep
  2. Fine By Me
  3. Wrist
  4. Make Love
  5. Liquor
  6. Zero
  7. Anyway
  8. Picture Me Rollin’
  9. Who’s Gonna (NOBODY)
  10. Discover
  11. Little Bit
  12. Proof
  13. No Filter
  14. Little More (Royalty)
  15. Day One
  16. Blow It In The Wind
  17. Kae
  18. U Did It

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